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We maintain a vast collection of current information about SIM cards. Do you want to know about the different types of SIM cards? Are you trying to find what networks and phones they are compatible with? Are you looking to buy a SIM card for a new or existing phone, or deciding on which cell phone and sim card combination to buy? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

We provide unbiased reviews, and guidance on purchasing and using SIM cards. Our easy tutorials and how-to videos show how to install, replace, or diagnose SIM cards for different phone types.

We frequently update all information for current prices, regulations and technical developments. See our purchase page for the best deals available today!

For cellular network operators and techies, we are a mirror site for the pySim wiki. pySim is written in python and used for programming various SIM/USIM cards. This will allow you to program and issue your own SIM/USIM cards for a network.